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Mother's Day Scented Journey Workshop

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Treat your mom to a unique and personal experience this Mother's Day! She deserves a special celebration and a thoughtful gift for all the love she's given you!

Our Mother's Day Scented Journey®  will take place on May 14th at 1pm. It is roughly a 2-hour of DIY fragrance workshop. Your mom will be welcomed into our class, where she will learn about fragrance throughout history and the art of perfumery, while enjoying our special Mother's Day Lunch with wine, mimosas and more! She will be guided through our 22 signature Scented Journey® fragrances, out of which she will be able to create her 100mL custom signature perfume. 

Choose one of the following:

  • Reserve the spot only for your mom or for the whole family by choosing the option "Mother's Day Scented Journey® Special" for $70 per person. It includes the whole learning experience, food, drinks and a 100mL of the signature perfume! This special is limited to May 14th - Mother's Day only.
  • Get your mom a Gift Certificate this Mother's Day so she can enjoy our Scented Journey Workshop® whenever she'd like later on! She will be able to come to a class according to her schedule and create her custom perfume. The cost of the Gift Certificate is $75 per person and includes the learning experience as well as a 100mL of the signature perfume. Note, that there will be no food or drinks included during workshops that are scheduled later than May 14th.

Both options will be send to your email in a form of Electronic Gift Certificate.

If you have any questions, please give us a call at (303)333-3315.