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How We Got Started

Scented Studio Founder Cindy Dassinger Vasilas was born with a passion for scent.  In fact, she always smells each bite of food before she takes it, because it adds to her epicurean experience.  When she experienced her first whiff of Bob Mackie on a classmate in high school, it became her favorite scent. And she enjoyed “do-it-yourself” way before it was trendy. It makes perfect sense that she decided to create a place where women and men could explore the world of fragrance and create their very own custom scent! 
Scented Studio opened in 2011 and has been providing unique fragrance experiences to individuals, couples, families and groups of all kinds.
Every day our team of fragrance specialists helps our clients handcraft unique body, home and bath products.  We only use top quality fragrant and essential oils, and provide our clients with products that are made in the USA and free of parabens, sulfates and phthalates. And rest assured, no ingredients are ever tested on animals, just lovingly tested on our employees.