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  The best way to create fragrance is in person, but we know this is not always possible. 
Not able to make it to Denver? No problem! 
                  Create a fragrance with us with this online questionnaire where we can work together to create something great! After reviewing your answers to a few questions we will create three different variations based on your fragrance preferences. You will be mailed 3 mini roll-ons. Roll-on oil is an oil-based perfume/cologne that has a rollerball to control where the fragrance goes. This is a great way to test your fragrances and find out what works for you!
                 Below, we've explained each of the questions in greater detail, but if you think you are ready to create now click here
                  Questions #1 and #2 deal with fragrance families. The fragrance wheel was developed my Michael Edwards and it divides fragrances into 14 different fragrance families.  You can learn more about the fragrance families by clicking here.

                  Question #3 is about vanilla; this gives us the opportunity to see if you like things on the sweeter side.  Vanilla is not the only thing that is sweet, but you have an opportunity to explain what you like in further detail later.
                  Question #4 is about clean; clean can mean different things to different people, we want to figure out what kind of clean is most attractive to you.  There are only so many words that describe fragrance, and clean can cover a variety of very different fragrance families.  Mainly aquatic, citrus, and musk, but it can sometimes mean floral or fruity too. 
                  Question #5 is about wood. It may only pertain to people that like wooded fragrances, there are different directions with wood, from sweet to earthy, to green. If we have a direction to start we can make something perfect for your wooded tastes.
                  Question #6 is about application.  We just want to see how you wear fragrance to best determine the strength that you may prefer.
                  Questions #7 and #8 let us hear from you! This is a good time to explain what you do don’t like and why, so we would never think of incorporating anything like it in your fragrance.  It’s an okay place to elaborate a little about any question that you want to clarify from the questionnaire. Remember, you only have 255 characters per question to do this, but you can always call us at 303-333-3315 or email
                  Question #9 is about the florals.  A lot of people love flowers but there are all kinds of flowers ranging from a light orchid to deep rose.  Many people love one or the other, we want to be sure we pick the right flower for you!
                  Our Last Question is just a final statement of what you want your fragrance to be.  It can of course be a couple of those things, but we want you to pick what’s most important to you!
I hope this helps you start your way to creating with us online.

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