Your Scent, Your Way®

All of the following fragrances can be blended into any of our products. To locate, choose desired product. Next, click fragrance drop down menu and select desired fragrance.

NEW! Looblue - This lightweight fragrance welcomes you by a crisp bergamot note giving way to warmer amber undertones, and featuring scents of tobacco flower and sandalwood.

NEW! Velvet Portraits - A romantic blend with hints of fresh tea, silky sandalwood and subtle vanilla.

NEW! Spring Garden - An uplifting floral fragrance with subtle citrus top notes, a touch of musk and bouquet of freesia, lily and orchid.

NEW! Star - The only shimmer line with sweet body and clean floral undertones.

Apres - Our favorite holiday blend of vanilla and pumpkin spices, mixed with fresh apple and buttercream.

Beach Please - Our signature tropical fragrance has the scent of a tropical fruit breeze, mixed with sultry aquatics!

Berry Blush - This berrylicious blend features notes of black raspberries, vanilla, and a hint of garden.

Cabana - Our signature Cabana fragrance is an enticing scent filled with blooming white floral notes, set against a sensual base of musk.

Captivate - Our signature Captivate fragrance is a creamy, sweet blend of fruits and florals that tempts your adventurous side.

Chris – Our signature Chris fragrance is a youthful, refreshing cologne with light top notes.

Citrus Awakening – Our signature Citrus Awakening is a delicious blend of red currant, fresh grapefruit, and just a touch of green tea.

Citrus Rain – Perfectly comfortable combination of light rain and a touch of citrus.

Citrus Cello - Our signature Citrus Cello Body Wash is filled with tons of citrus notes, with a light Grapefruit undertone!

Coconut Explosion - Smooth warm tones balance the powerful punch of this beachy coconut fragrance

Coco Mango - A tropical blend of coconut milk and fresh mango.

Dark Oriental Amber - Our signature Dark Oriental Amber fragrance is an unforgettably smooth blend of fresh bergamot and warm amber, blended with spicy caramels, and warm vanillas.

Egyptian Rain - Our signature Egyptian Rain is a soft and clean fragrance with subtle hints of classic lily of the valley and hyacinth with traditional oriental jasmine, vanilla, rose, and ylang ylang notes.

Enticing Floral - This playful blend mixes rain and jasmine, with sweet citrus, and warm vanilla currant.

Eucalyptus & Spearmint - Our Eucalyptus and Spearmint Body Mist is a relaxing blend of Eucalyptus and Spearmint.

Exotic Seduction - Spice it up with carmel orientals and warm vanilla woods.

Flirty - Just as the name entails, this flirty fragrance features bubbly fruits, white orchids, and vanilla musk.

Hawaiian Bliss - Our signature Hawaiian Bliss is a tropical blend of luscious coconut, fresh pineapple, and light bananas!

Honey Bee - A customer favorite, our signature Honey Bee fragrance is a delicious blend of succulent nectarine, peach and delicate spring flowers melt into a light note of honey. Sweet and delightfully playful, without being overwhelming.

Huntsman - A masculine blend of peppered spiced with a touch of fresh musk.

Intrigue - This masculine blend combined fresh green notes with white musk and a hint of pepper.

Just Peachy - Our signature Just Peachy Roll-On Oil smells just like fresh-picked peaches with a touch of melon.

Kissable  - Our signature Kissable is a refreshing, slightly sweet, flowery fragrance. Seductively blend of orchids, violets, with just a touch of freesia, and sweet blackberry.

Lavender Breeze - Our signature Lavender Breeze is a fresh twist on a traditional Lavender scent!

Lavender Fields - Become surrounded by a field of lavender flowers and lilac.

Let Them Eat Cake – Let Them Eat Cake is   celebrating the perfect marriage of sweet vanilla cake and indulgent buttercream frosting!

Lethal – A green blend of bamboo, citrus, clean musk, and leathery woods.

Magnetic - Our signature Magnetic is a very masculine scent that's balanced by a spicy, moderate tone.

Melon Madness - This crazy blend featured notes of light rain, mango & berry tea, cucumber, and dewy melon.

Midsummer Sweetness - A not so sweet blend of nectarine blossom, and green waters, with a hint of honey.

Mountain Meadow - Our signature Mountain Meadow is a clean and refreshing blend of aquatic, citrus and very light white floral.

Moonlit Wonderland - This wonderous scent consists of the most oils in our collection combining, egyptian musk, green tea, hibiscus, fresh peach, honeysuckle, amber, raspberries, freesia, and sandalwood.

Night Blooming Cactus - Our signature Night-Blooming Cactus is a fresh blend of black currant, and grapefruit, blended with white tea, aloe, cotton blossom, cactus, and touches of lotus flower, and iris.

Orange Blossom - Our Signature Orange Blossom Body Mist is the true scent of soft citrus flowers in full bloom.

Pink Passion - A bright blend of blood orange, cherry blossom, pink grapefruit, and island mango.

Pink Sugar - Our Pink Sugar is playful, soft and sweet!

Regal - This royal blend mixes notes of fresh citrus, and warm vanilla.

Romantic Amber - Our Romantic Amber is a seductive and warm creamy amber.

Romantic Desire - A sexy blend of vanilla spice, sandalwood, and warm ambers.

Rose Petal - Our signature Rose Petal is the timeless scent of rose petals.

Satin Sheets - Jump into bed with this smooth blend of fresh laundry and clean waters.

Seaside Bliss - Relax at the beach with this beautiful blend of orange blossom, berry tea, and warm sand.

Soft Lilac - Our Soft Lilac smells of fresh cut lilac!

Steel - Our signature Steel is a fresh and clean blend with a woodsy undertone!

Striker - Striker is a blend of fresh greens, warm wind, pepper, finishing with mahogany and water.

Sugar Rush -  Our signature Sugar Rush was inspired by the young, and young at heart. An invigorating fusion of light ginger, kiwi, jasmine paired with deeper notes of coconut, brown sugar, and amber.

Summer Dreams - One of our four exclusive Daytime Emmy scents, our Summer is a blend of a luscious citrus orchard, with a splash of summer, a hint of sweet rain and a grapefruit undertone.

Summer Serenity - A summer blend of dandelion, lime blossom, apricot, sandalwood, oakmoss, and fresh greenery.

Sweet Enchantment - This magical scent features California rain and sweet floral berries.

Sweet Sahara - Our signature Sweet Sahara is a sweet woody with a touch of black tea!

Sweet Storm - A perfect blend of red currant, thyme, pine, cool waters, and sweet vanilla.  

Ted - This bold, spicy & clean blend is filled with warm tones.

Temptress - Be tempted by this blend of black vanilla, lightened with playful fruits, and white flowers.

Twilight - Twilight is a mesmerizing blend of berries, light fruits, and warm woods.

Vanilla Bean – Our Vanilla Bean is light and alluring. This fresh scent combines the fragrance of soft vanilla tone, and delicate musk.

Vanilla Soufflé - Our signature Vanilla Souffle is an addictive comforting scent of warm Vanilla and Brown Sugar.

Vasilas - Named after the owner’s husband, this blend features fresh notes of green musks and clean woods.