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All of the following fragrances can be blended into any of our products. To locate, choose desired product. Next, click fragrance drop down menu and select desired fragrance.

Apres A warm holiday scent infused with Sweet Vanilla, Pumpkin Spices, Buttercream, and Fresh Apples. Beach Please A Beach theme for the beach lover! Seductive Fruit, Island Mango Breeze, and a touch of Tahiti. Bella A beauty-full blend indeed! Enjoy a mix of Wedding Bouquets, Playful Fruits, and Nectarine Blossom. Berry Blush Blissful Berries, Black Raspberries, and Floral Vanillas will make you blush for this berry great scent! Cabana Enjoy a blend of soft jasmine and Beach Sands. Captivate A Captivating blend of Japanese Cherry Blossoms, Sugary Orchid, and Herbal Tea. Chris A Brisk blend of refreshing waters, mediterranean breezes, and a touch of masculinity. Citrus Awakening Wake up with this brisk blend of Red Currant, Thyme, and Fresh Citruses. Citrus Cello Energize with this blend of fresh and warm citruses. Citrus Rain A soft and simple blend of citrus and rain. Coco-Mango A delightful blend of Creamy Coconut and Island Mango. Coconut Explosion An explosive combination of Vanilla and Coconut. Crazy Sunset Dive deep into the sun with Warm Sand and Fresh Waters Crisp Clean A crisp water blend mixed with hints of Jasmine and Bergamot soaked Leaves. Dark Oriental Amber A deep blend of Dark Amber’s, Vanilla, Caramel, and a hint of Tobacco. Egyptian Rain White and Egyptian musks mixed with fresh Rain. Enticing Floral An enticing scent indeed! Lush florals mixed with black currants, citrus, and a touch of vanilla. Exotic Seduction Sexy Vanilla, Carmel and Oriental spices, and amber woods make up this exotic blend. Flirty Get your flirt on with this blend of Orchard Fruits, Fresh Orchids, White Musk, and a touch of Vanilla. Harmony Feel the calm rush through you with this invigorating blend of Sweet Melons, Vanilla, White Tea, and Fruit Berries. Hawaiian Bliss Take a trip to Hawaii with the scents of Coconuts, Bananas, and Suntan Lotion. Honey Bee Created by a 9 year old girl, this fresh blend combines Warm Vanilla, Nectarines, Honey Blossom, and Fresh Peaches. Huntsman Sexy Vanilla and Spiced Clean Pepper makes up this manly blend. Intrigue Clean Musk, Refreshing Pepper, and Greenery makes this blend so intriguing. Kissable You’ll want to kiss whoever is wearing this one! A mix of Freesia, Sweet Vanilla, and Playful Fruits. Lavender Breeze Our favorite blend of Lavender and Citrus. Lavender FIelds Love Lilac and Lavender? This blend is for you. Lethal Leather Woods, Bamboo, Teakwood, and Green Musks combine to create this dangerous scent. LooBlue A unisex blend of Tobacco Flower, Oriental Orchids, Bergamot, and clean Sandalwood. Lush Garden A Luscious blend of Freesia and Crisp Florals. Magnetic Our most popular Men’s Fragrance! This is a classically clean blend of Bergamot, Pepper, and a Fresh Breeze. Melon Madness A Dewey blend of Mango’s, Berries & Tea, Cucumber Melon, and a touch of Rain. Midsummer Sweetness A Green blend of Nectarines and Honey Blossom. Moonlit Wonderland A wonderland of scents! This is one of our most complex blends including Egyptian Musk, Green Tea, Hibiscus, Fresh Peach, Honeysuckle, Warm Amber, Vanilla, Raspberry, Freesia, and Sandalwood. Mountain Meadows One of our most popular unisex blends is this combination of Citrus, Rain, and Jasmine. Night-Blooming Cactus Our most refreshing combo of White Tea, Cactus, and Forest Rain. Pink Passion This passion filled scent includes fresh Mangos and Oranges mixed with Japanese Cherry Blossoms. Prisoner Of Dreams A Romantic blend of White Musk, Fresh Flowers, and Peppered Vanilla. Regal This royal scent is a combination of Sweet Orchids infused with Bright Citrus. Romantic Desire Become desirable with this blend of Warm Ambers, Sexy Vanilla Spices, and Sandalwood. Rose Petal Our favorite Rose blend includes Fresh Roses and Bright Citrus. Satin Sheets Use this blend of Scented Laundry and Clean water on your linens or clothes! Seaside Bliss By The Sea! Enjoy a Beach Breeze on an Island while smelling Orange Blossoms, and drinking a Mango Tea. Spring Garden Our favorite floral bouquet of Freesia, Blossoms and Fresh Orchids. Star A blend for the Beach! Pink Sugar and Warm Sand make you feel like you’re sitting in your own Cabana. Steel This Masculine scent is a combination of a Fresh Orchard, Sweet Rain, and Warm Sandalwood. Sugar Rush Our Sweetest fragrance combo of Sugary Orchids, Pink Sugar, Coconut, and Warm Ginger. Summer Dreams Wake up in the summer mornings with Grapefruit, Fresh Water, Bergamot, and Green Florals. Summer Serenity Get some Serene time by enjoying this blend of Lime Blossom, Apricot, Dandelions, and Sandalwood. Sweet Enchantment This love potion is a concoction of California Rain, Seductive Fruits, and a touch of Love. Sweet Sahara One of our most popular Unisex blends is a combo of Tea and Sandalwood. Sweet Storm A refreshing blend of Red Currant, Thyme, Forest Rain, and Vanilla. Ted Invented by the owner’s husband, this is a warm masculine blend of Pepper & Spice combined with Dark Waters. Velvet Portraits One of our newest blends incorporates Romantic Vanilla, Silky Sandalwood, and Herbal Tea