Your Scent, Your Way®

Personal Fulfillment Novel by B.M.


A 2018 story about life, love, and the business of relationships. Written by Brandy M. Miller, she has envisioned an experience with the character where she creates her very own custom fragrance. Here, we've provided some products available in the "Hope" scent that helps guide the character through her own journey. This fragrance is comprised of Honeysuckle, Rain, Jasmine, Clary Sage, and Lavender notes. 

In this novel, the heroine finds herself with an unexpected pregnancy that forces her to reconsider the path she's been walking. She must choose a direction that's more in line with what she really wants for her life. 

Book Description

Rachel Epstein is a corporate executive on her way to becoming vice president of the company when an unexpected pregnancy endangers her promotion and the future she envisioned for herself. Is she really ready to be a mother?

Malcolm Wallace is a struggling entrepreneur whose latest business venture is threatened by a lawsuit that has his finances locked down tight when he receives the news that he’s a father. What else could go wrong?

Rachel Epstein and Malcolm Wallace have been a couple for more than 15 years when an unexpected pregnancy brings to the surface long unaddressed relationship issues and throws their future into doubt.

As they struggle to regain their bearings and address the crisis at hand,they begin to reevaluate the paths they’ve been choosing to walk and to realize that if there’s one thing lacking in their lives – it’s personal fulfillment.