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Refill Your Custom Bath Bombs

Please let us know the name of your fragrance, what scent notes you remember, and the first & last name of the person who created the fragrance. See below for more instructions.

With no Sulfates, Parabens, Aluminum, or Phthalates, these bath bombs are the perfect solution to forget the stress of daily life. Just drop one into your bath water, and let it dissolve. Your senses will be invigorated as the scent fills your bathroom! The perfect solution to forget the stress of daily life.

Please, be very specific in the description of your previously created custom fragrance and include as much information as you can. The reason why we are asking is that many of you have created more than one scent with us and we want to be absolutely sure we create the fragrance you love, also do not hesitate to call 303-333-3315 for any specifications or if you would like to pick this product up in the shop.