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  • The Scent Of Wrath by G.B.


    Scented Studio is so excited to announce the partnership with Greta Boris' new book called The Scent Of Wrath. 

    Boris has combined the art of scent with the art of her literature. Incorporating 3 blends into her book, these fragrances will help guide you through the journey of her novel. 

    Book Description: 

    In order to keep her son safe, a single mother must discover who’s leaving her cryptic messages of death and danger, and why.

    Olivia Richards, his newly divorced mother, was accused of neglect by Child Protection Services. She’s doing her best to prove them wrong. Essential oils, a consultation with an herbalist, and an airtight schedule are only some of the things she does to keep Brian safe and help him heal from brain damage caused by the accident.

    But her carefully laid plans begin to unravel when it becomes apparent Olivia’s CPS caseworker isn’t the only one who’s watching her. The walls of the Pilates Studio she co-owns seem to have eyes, especially at night. Threatening messages begin showing up in strange places. Someone is stalking her.

    Who can she turn to for help? The authorities would inform CPS, and she might never be free of the county’s intrusion in her life. She suspects her ex-husband of using scare tactics to regain custody of their son. Her new relationship is complicated. And old suspicions haunt the young mother." 

    This is book 2 in The 7 Deadly Sins series.

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    *These recipes are not proven to be effective at making you slim, pay attention, or provide actual comfort. These are intended for use as a fragrance only, and must not be ingested*