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Bachelorette Party for up to 8 People - Scented Journey® Workshop

Please enter up to 3 different dates and times that you would like this party to happen on.

*Limited to 16 People*

It's imperative that a bride creates a scent for her wedding day. Grab your family and bridesmaids, and come start your bachelorette weekend at Scented Studio. Each of you will get to create your very own custom perfume or cologne!

Our Scented Journey® Workshop is roughly a 2-hour of DIY fragrance workshop. You are welcomed into our class, where you will learn about fragrance throughout history and the art of perfumery from one of our fragrance experts. You will be guided through our 24 signature Scented Journey® fragrances, where you will be able to create your perfume or cologne. Think of it as a short cut to the fragrance that captures the real you. The hardest part? You have to come up with a name for your fragrance.

Once your fragrances are created, you will have the entire studio to yourself. Turn up the music and dance! Or, bring some food and wine to have a more low key party. Towards the end of your party, each guest will receive their custom perfumes or colognes. This is a great way to create a connection with the scent of your wedding and this memory for the rest of your life.

Included in the price is a 2-hour reservation of the entire studio (closed to the public), the ability to bring as much food and drink as you want (beer & champagne is allowed for 21+), and a 30mL  customized Perfume or Cologne for each guest to leave with!